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Welcome Clubs International

We are women making a difference through the power of friendship

Mission and Vision

We take our commitment to the women of the world seriously–very seriously!

Welcome Clubs International (WCI) is a non-profit, non-religious, apolitical organization dedicated to promoting friendship, understanding, and education among all women in our local and global communities. 

Our vision is to build a peaceful world by empowering women globally with international friendships and education.

Come Join Us!

Most organizations are formed around a common interest – WCI members come together to celebrate their differences.

Welcome Clubs International (WCI) unites independent women's organizations around the world who share a common goal of cross-cultural friendship, understanding, and education. WCI strongly believes that learning about other cultures is a rewarding endeavor that enriches life immeasurably. It is also a journey of self-discovery, whereby members learn to appreciate their own cultures, customs, and traditions in a manner that encourages kindness and harmony among citizens of the world.


WCI invites you to join us on this journey. Every step taken to broaden our understanding of each other is a step toward creating a world in which we can all live together in friendship.


By joining WCI, your organization:

  • Networks with similar clubs to share experiences and exchange ideas

  • Interacts with club leaders through webinars and digital meetings to interchange leadership information

  • Accesses up-to-date information, tools, and workshops to use within own club

  • Partakes in WCI's International Conferences to discuss relevant issues from varied cultural viewpoints

  • Becomes part of a growing organization striving to make a difference in our global societies

  • Participates in an organization that holds special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2020


By joining WCI, your members:

  • Connect with members of other affiliated clubs

  • Participate in programs and communications platforms

  • Benefit from collaborative inter-club initiatives

  • Access leadership opportunities within the organization

  • Can attend WCI's International Conferences 

  • Reach out in friendship to women from around the world

Being a member of Welcome to Colorado International Club has opened my eyes and mind to a better understanding of the world around me. We may use different spices in our foods and we may look different, but in our hearts, we all want to be treated as equals. Thank you WTCI for this opportunity!

Maggie C.

It's lovely to have sisters who'd make cultural education so natural on a worldwide basis. You can make it happen by being a member of WCI.

Sunny S.

Belonging to a club such as the International Women's Club of Porto Alegre was a great goal of mine. At the Club, we develop long-lasting friendships and we help people in need.

Maria H.



Exciting International Conferences occur every two years.

The conferences play a major role in bringing together the members of all clubs to foster lifelong relations between women of diverse cultures. 


Each International Conference is hosted by a member club. The host club is responsible for the planning of cultural and social events surrounding the conference. These events and tours are designed to showcase the host club's country and culture and give all attendees a better understanding of the history and traditions of the region. 


Knowledgeable speakers present a range of topics, including the changing social status of women, economics, science, and current affairs. WCI International Conferences open the way for women from diverse cultural backgrounds to identify common concerns and address their impact.


The host club generally offers an optional post-conference trip for attendees and their partners and guests. 

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